Rebel's mission

Designer Inspired Fragrances - Without The Designer Cost.

Why Choose Rebel aromas?

We want you to experience the highest quality fragrances, for a fraction of the cost. Rebel Aromas is a UK brand based in Greater Manchester.

What does Rebel mean?

Rebel means going against the grain of thinking you have to pay top prices to smell like iconic brands. We've made a unique collection of your favourite desinger'inspired' perfumes and aftershaves. So you do don't have to pay those top fees.

Each fragrance is UK made and smell 'almost' identical to your favourite brands - which is why customer call then 'dupe' fragrances.

Be a Rebel....

5x Sample Bundle- 2ml Perfumes and Aftershaves - Rebel Aromas

Creating fragrances you love ❤️

Rebel Aromas is committed to bringing luxury fragrances to you without the highstreet cost. We keep our mission simple: use of high-quality ingredients in our fragrance creation, to make premium fragrances accessible to you.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“The fragrance is almost identical”
— Rachel
100ml x3 Mens Bundle Dupe Aftershave - Rebel Aromas
Customer reviews
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