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100ml x3 Mens Bundle Dupe Aftershave

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Buy with confidence! 30-Day full refund if you're not happy

You don't need to spend on designer fragrances

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Deborah Howell
Strong smelling

Beautiful long lasting scents at a great price. I had a minor issue with my order which was dealt with immediately, the customer service is exemplary. I would not hesitate to buy from Rebel Aromas again, in fact I doubt I'll ever buy main stream scents at rip off prices again. Well done 😀


100ml x3 Mens Bundle Dupe Aftershave Description

Get huger savings on Rebel's aftershave bundles. Customers mix and match our best-selling dupe aftershave.

Shop our exclusive 100ml Men's Bundle Dupe Aftershave Set. Choose any fragrance such as One Million or Savauge dupe.

This premium trio offers a diverse selection of captivating fragrances perfectly tailored for the modern gentleman. Bundle your favourite fragrances together to save a massive 23%.

All you have to do for huge discounts on aftershave:

  • Use the drop-downs
  • Select 3 of your favourite aftershave 
  • Hit buy
  • Get them delivered to your door within 3 days

Indulge in the sophisticated blend of aromatic notes that exude confidence and charm with every spritz. Our carefully curated collection ensures a long-lasting scent experience, keeping you fresh and invigorated throughout the day. Whether stepping into the boardroom or enjoying a night out, our dupe aftershaves are your perfect companion for any occasion.

Expertly formulated to match the quality and allure of renowned designer fragrances, our 100ml x3 Men's Bundle Dupe Aftershave Set promises unparalleled value without compromising on excellence. Each bottle is designed to complement your individual style, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Discover the secret to refined masculinity with our UK-exclusive aftershave bundle. Elevate your grooming regimen and make a statement with our premium fragrances that speak volumes without saying a word. Order now and experience the epitome of sophistication at your fingertips.

Helpful Questions

Are they exact dupe fragrances?

Customers label our fragrances as "dupes" becuase of how similar they smell to iconic brands.

Do dupe perfumes last all day?

Yes! Our perfumers dedicate time to creating the finest formulas for you. Furthermore, we only permit them to use the best ingredients. For more information you can speak to one of friendly experts.

How close to the original are they?

You can't tell the difference. We have run tests to audit the fragrances. Then we have developed UK Rebel Aromas to smell "almost" identical .

Do you offer 30 day returns?

We know you will love Rebel Aromas, we are happy for customers to purchase our perfumes and aftershaves with the knowledge that they can return them within 30 days if the scent isn't to their taste.

Where are the perfumes made?

All Rebel Aromas fragrances are made here in Manchester, in the UK.

Are the fragance oils safe on my skin?

All of our fragrances are tested, certified and lasts longer on your skin and clothers. You can contact one of our perfume experts to talk about any concerns with skin care.

When will they arrive?

As well as excellent products, we also pride ourselves on excellent service and over 95% of Rebel Aromas orders leave us within 1 working day! Rebel Aromas orders are shipped with Royal Mail Tracked 24 hour therefore you can expect your order to arrive within 1-2 days.

Delivery & Returns

How delivery works:

  • Orders are dispatched on the same day
  • Deliveries are free for orders £19.99 and above
  • Rebel Aromas orders are shipped with Royal Mail Tracked 24 hour
  • You can expect your order to arrive within 1-2 days
  • 30-Day full Refund if you're not happy with the product. We're confident you'll love it.

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Please note that:

  • any product featured on our website (Rebel Aromas), is just intended as a reference
  • rebel's fragrances should never be confused with a high street, designer, or niche brand.
  • Used or not, names and copyrights belong to the corresponding designers and/or manufacturers.
  • These aren't "identical" to any other scent or original; they're just inspirations. 
  • We are not associated with the makers of these anonymous designer goods, nor are Rebel Aromas products to be mistaken for the originals.
  • All "Trademarks," whether in use or not, belong to the people who hold them.
  • Any trademark owners mentioned above do not endorse, represent, maintain, authorise, or promote us.
  • Any product name used is just for identification and reference; it implies no affiliation with the owner of the trademark.
save money on dupe perfumes review

Why Choose Rebel's Perfume Designer-Inspired Fragrances?

You can expect:

  • ✅ Long-lasting fragrances for a fraction of the cost
  • ✅ All our fragrances are UK-made
  • ✅ Luxury of designer inspired fragrances
  • ✅ Customers say our products are dupe

Our fragrances have similarity to iconic scents, such as;

  • ✅ Paco Rabanne
  • ✅ Tom Ford
  • ✅ Creed
  • ✅ Baccarat Rouge 540

We make our "inspired" aftershaves and perfumes of the highest quality. They give an experience like their famous counterparts.

Every step from creation to bottling occurs under our watchful eye. We guarantee the integrity and excellence of our products. We focus on ethical beauty. Our UK customers value vegan and cruelty-free products, so we offer them. Our collection is inspired by standing out and bringing out your inner "Rebel"!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

They all smell amazing and last for hours

Does not smell like originals

I had been looking at lots of "Dupe" fragrance sites but never ordered.
But after reading reviews about Rebel Aromas and the companies claims on their website like "you can't tell the difference between ours and the original" and "they smell almost identical to the original" I gave them a go and ordered 3 x 100ml bottles of 1 x Provocateur (Le Male Dupe), 1 x Rebel Rumble (Viktor & Rolfe Spicebomb Dupe) and 1 x The Gentlemen (Givinchy The Gentlemen Dupe).

I can confirm that after receiving this order that they smell absolutely nothing like the originals. Reviews I read must have been posted by the Rebel Aromas sales team.

I should have put the money spent (£49.99, original price £59.99 welcome code reduced the price) towards the genuine fragrances and not wasted my money on these from Rebel Aromas.

Goes without saying, but I won't be using this company or any other "Dupe" site in the future and will just stick with paying a higher price for the genuine product.
In my opinion there is a reason why it costs as much as it does.

Liz Crossley
First purchase

I was a little sceptical about RA as I’ve never purchased before. However the cost of EDPs being what there are (ie lots of money) and the positive trust pilot reviews for RA gave me the confidence to purchase. Pleased I did as they are excellent and they’re affordable! RA please dupe the discontinued Stella Mccartbey perfume please 🙏

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